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Monday Oct 03, 2022

How to Reduce Noise From Your FASS Diesel Fuel Pumps?

When Brad Fass started designing and manufacturing diesel fuel pumps in 2003, he realized that the automotive industry needed top-notch products. His business has grown from humble beginnings to a worldwide presence. His focus has been on diesel fuel pumps and fuel system plumbing. He has continued to innovate, focusing on the latest technology while keeping his prices low. His fuel pumps are now used in many industries, including oil fields and manufacturing facilities.

Enhanced fuel system plumbing

Enhanced fuel system plumbing is vital for diesel engines, and FASS diesel fuel pumps can help you get the most out of your new pump. With their high-output design, these pumps can support multiple fueling upgrades. The high-quality FASS pumps deliver advanced filtration and air/vapor removal to extend the life of Bosch Injection Pumps. They also help extend the life of your diesel fuel injectors by extending their life.

FASS is an industry leader when it comes to truck accessories. Enhanced fuel system plumbing can help you improve your performance and save money on your next diesel engine upgrade. The pumps are compatible with most fuel system plumbing systems. To install them, all you need to do is follow the directions on the package and install them. You’ll soon see the benefits. In addition to the pumps, you can install one-way fuel valves at the tank and in the suction line.

Improved fuel mileage

If you’re interested in improving your truck’s fuel mileage, FASS makes high-performance diesel fuel pumps. The FASS Titanium Series pumps have superior fuel metering, and filtration systems are designed to work with diesel fuel. The company’s engineering efforts ensure that its pumps fail at less than 2% of their capacity. And with less air in the fuel, FASS pumps produce up to 150 gallons per hour of fuel.

FASS diesel fuel pumps utilize a larger motor to pressurize the fuel. This helps remove contaminants that can reduce your fuel mileage. The fuel is then passed through a dual filtration process. This process removes dirt, water, air, and debris that could negatively impact the fuel quality of your diesel truck. The resulting fuel is cleaner and safer. And this improved fuel quality means a more efficient engine and fuel economy.

Extended life of your diesel injection system

Whether your vehicle is on the road a lot or you drive it daily, extending the life of your diesel injection system with FASS diesel fuel pumps is a smart move. The company’s Titanium Series diesel fuel pumps offer unsurpassed versatility and are engineered to last for decades. Flow rates range from 95 gph to 260 gph, and pressure ranges from 0 to 75 lbs.-the Titanium Series is the perfect addition to any vehicle’s fuel system.

A FASS system utilizes a larger motor to push diesel fuel under pressure, removing the fuel’s dirt, air, and water. The system is designed to extend the life of your diesel injection system by reducing airborne contaminants in diesel fuel. The FASS system also supports high-performance aftermarket modifications. These features allow for increased performance and fuel mileage. By extending the life of your diesel injection system, you’ll save money and improve the performance of your vehicle.

Reduced noise

There are several ways to reduce the noise from your FASS diesel fuel pumps. First, you need to isolate the pump from its power supply. Then, locate the return and suction line on the fuel pump. Finally, you need to test the pump. Note the difference in sound levels. A quieter pump should not affect fuel pressure. This test is easy to complete yourself. Follow the steps below to reduce the noise from your FASS.

FASS Silencing Technology was developed to meet the demands of diesel engines. The market’s quietest fuel air separation system features military-spec coating and radius cuts to eliminate noise. In addition to reducing noise, the Signature Series FASS Diesel Fuel Pump offers higher flow rates and increased fuel efficiency. With this technology, you can expect increased fuel efficiency and longer component life. You can also ask your local dealer for the installation service.


FASS Titanium Series diesel fuel pumps are some of the most reliable and durable diesel pumps available on the market. The Titanium series is made using high-quality American components, ensuring unmatched dependability and superior fuel filtration. FASS fuel pumps have less than a 2% failure rate and are available in several models. You can choose the one that best meets your requirements. Read on to learn more about this product line.

A sound FASS diesel fuel system will improve fuel mileage and performance by reducing harmful emissions. The FASS system uses aircraft-grade 6061 T-6 aluminum to ensure maximum durability. It’s made for the most extreme conditions and is made in the USA. If your car isn’t running smoothly, you should consider upgrading the fuel system with a FASS pump. It will increase the life of the fuel pump and extend its usefulness.

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