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Tuesday Jul 05, 2022

Benefits Of Having A Security Guard At Your Business

Businesses owners, especially smaller businesses, deal with theft, crime, and other security issues on their premises regularly. Convenience stores, retail stores, and banks are the most commonly thought of businesses when it comes to crime and theft, but every business could benefit from having security guard services New Orleans.

Here are three benefits of having a security guard service at your business.

Sense of Safety

Having a security guard in uniform at your business helps provide both employees and customers with a sense of security and peace of mind. If your business is located in a high-crime area, this is especially important for the safety of your employees and customers. This also shows staff that you care about their safety and wellbeing, and can build a better reputation with customers in the community. It shows that as a business owner, you are invested in the safety of your employees and community members.

Loss Prevention


Not only does having a security guard onsite at your business help bring a sense of security to employees and customers, but it has the exact opposite effect on criminals. A security guard is a deterrent to criminals, who will have to face a professionally trained guard in order to commit theft or a crime at your business. Having a uniformed guard onsite sends a strong message to criminals that you have invested in the safety of your business. Security guards are trained to survey the area for potential threats to security, so they can help to prevent loss before it even happens by recognizing a situation that could become criminal.

Respond To Crime

If there is a security incident at your business, a security guard will know how to actively respond to the situation and help to handle the crime. Security guards can take down specific details about the criminal, and contact the police immediately. Some security guards are even trained to take down a suspect and detain them until police arrive. You can invest in an armed or unarmed guard, depending on the needs of your business and security.

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